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a new dream
P&P Paperdoll: 1980 Assembly Ballgown (Part 01) 
27 02 15
Period Drama

Started working on the next costume! This is Elizabeth's assembly ballgown from BBC's 1980 adaption.

Elizabeth wears this white gown to the assembly ball...

and to the Netherfield ball.

The dress has some lace edging around the neckline.

There's also some lace that lays over the semi-shear sleeves.

Couldn't find any high quality caps of this version so it was hard to figure out the detailing on the lace... ^^"

The bottom of the dress is decorated with ruffles and lace.

Still have to shade the dress and add the polkadot pattern...

But I'm almost done! ^_^ Should be the last ballgown for now--unless I decided on doing the assembly ballgown from the 1940 adaptation. ^_^
28 02 15 (UTC)
I've never seen that adaption but ooh, what a gorgeous dress! That lace is exquisite and you've done a great job of capturing it! *_*
02 05 15 (UTC)
Thank you! :D
01 03 15 (UTC)
I almost think your version of the dress looks prettier than the one in the movie. :)
02 05 15 (UTC)
oh wow! thanks! *^^*
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