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a new dream
20 01 15
I've been in the wallpaper-making mood lately. School has been pretty calm so far...nothing due yet ^^"

Hobbit (1980x800)

Narnia (1280x800)

Detective Conan, LOTR, Yuna Kim (all 1980x800 except the last one which is 1280x800)
22 01 15 (UTC)
Ooh, these are so pretty! I have been looking for some new wallpapers - I think I will have to snag one of the LOTR ones to use! :)
23 01 15 (UTC)
Thank you! :D
22 01 15 (UTC)
No kidding you've been in a WP mood! o.0 Impressive stuff!
The Bard one has a really striking layout, as does the first Tauriel one. The blending on the 4th and 5th is excellent, and you did a great job with coloring and texture on the Bilbo one. It's nice to see Narnia graphics - of the four I think I like the Lucy WP best. I love the typography of the LotR quote. The effects on the second Yuna WP are really well executed, but the first one is just gorgeous in every way! *lots of clapping*
23 01 15 (UTC)
aww thank you! *^^*
22 01 15 (UTC)
I like the right-hand column of Middle Earth ones. I think it's a combination of the subject(s) and execution. :)

And I like the coloring and symmetry of the Narnia ones too! (I'd have a hard time picking which one to use though I've heard that you can have a rotating desktop...^^; )
23 01 15 (UTC)
Thanks! (lol I think I've seen that too ;))
31 01 15 (UTC)
I hope school has continued going well! :)

These are very nice wallies! I especially like the Bard and the Elves ones, and the Conan (Ran, is that right?) one has a very nice layout! I may have to snag a few :)
20 02 15 (UTC)
it has been pretty good :)

Thank you! Yes that's Ran. ^^
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