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a new dream
Wallpaper Requests? 
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Detective Conan
Survived my week of finals! Glad it's finaly Christmas break. ^_^ So much I want to finish before I go back to school in like 2 weeks (I feel like breaks just get shorter and shorter OTL).  Hoping to make lots of graphics while I have time. :D I've started working on some Hobbit wallpapers and am thinking about making some more. Any requests for wallpapers from the Hobbit or someting else?
16 12 14 (UTC)
Hurrah for surviving finals! :D *huge hugs* Enjoy your break, short as it is! *hugs*

Oooh, I like your Hobbit wallpapers, especially the Thranduil one! :D I don't have any specific requests, but maybe you could make a few quote wallpapers? Maybe Tolkien or Lewis? ...honestly, I'm fresh out of ideas, sorry. :">
21 01 15 (UTC)
thanks! *hugs*

thank you! :D Quotes sound like a great idea! thanks! :D
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