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a new dream
P&P Paperdoll: 2005 Assembly Ballgown (Part 02) 
26 11 14
Added some finishing touches to the dress, just have the shoes left!

If you look closely at the fabric of the dress, there's a light stripe pattern.

I almost missed it. ^^" Much thanks to meltintall3 for reminding me! :D

The dress seems to be very long from what I can tell...

The shoes that Elizabeth wears with this dress have some really pretty embrodiery on them from what I can see in a couple of behind the scenes photos...but I can't seem to find any big enough to see the detail...OTL I will have to keep looking.

(much thanks to costumersguide.com and Jane Austen WebRing for info about the costumes. I used caps from fanpop and google (galleryhip.com?)

26 11 14 (UTC)
I love the effect of the stripe. It's a gorgeous dress. *two thumbs up* :D
29 11 14 (UTC)
thank you! :D
27 11 14 (UTC)
Lovely!! It is a bit of a shame we didn't get to see everyone's shoes!
29 11 14 (UTC)
thanks :D I know! It really is. They had such beautiful shoes during that era.
09 12 14 (UTC)
It's looking lovely! :D
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