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a new dream
quick update 
16 09 14
hi...it's been awhile... ^^" RL and school have been almost overwhelming so I haven't had much time to work on graphics or my paperdoll. I'm hoping to post Elizabeth's assembly ball dress from the 1995 version soon. (Just finished the dress! *^^* finally...). For my web design class, I have to create a wordpress.com site to practice on at home...and since I have nothing interesting say...I decided to make a graphics resource website (so I can feel like graphic making is prodcutive work....^^") and I'll be posting most of my stuff there for the time being.

18 09 14 (UTC)
Hi there! Nice to see you around again and know you are ok! <3 I will check out your new blog! :)
12 11 14 (UTC)
Hey! Nice to see you too! How have you been? :) thanks! :)
18 11 14 (UTC)
Oh, I've been hanging in there! Preparing to move in January so I'm feeling pretty stressed out at the moment! :) How are you? Getting ready to enjoy the holidays?
14 12 14 (UTC)
Moving is exciting although stressful at the same time. Hope everything goes smoothly! :D

I'm doing great now that the semester is over and I don't have as many project deadlines over my head. ^^"

Most definitely. :D But first I have to finish my Christmas shopping *^^*
14 12 14 (UTC)
It sure is! Thank you! :)

That's awesome! Christmas vacation is a lifesaver, haha.

I have barely begun my Christmas shopping! We don't even have our tree decorated yet, eek! Where does the time go?
28 09 14 (UTC)
HI! :D *hugs* How're you doing? I hope things are going well.
Hurrah for finishing the dress! :D I can't wait to see it, whenever you have time!
Oooh, that graphics site looks very nice! It's always good to see stuff from you. :D Thanks for sharing the link!
12 11 14 (UTC)
*hugs back* I'm doing pretty good. You? :)
14 11 14 (UTC)
I'm doing okay; rather tired, and so ready to finish off my Masters, but okay. :) *hugs*
16 11 14 (UTC)
I know that feeling. School can be extremely draining. ^^"
16 11 14 (UTC)
Yes, it can be. :/ I hope things go well for you as you finish off the semester! :)
14 12 14 (UTC)
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