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a new dream
Icons for Help Japan! ^^ 
27 06 11
20 icons for sylleptic.dreamwidth.org who won my auction at help_japan . (Sorry they are so late!) These icons were made special so please ask Sylleptic before using! ^^ 



-Anyone may use. No credit necessary.
-Comments are lovely. :)
-Do NOT claim as your own work.
-NO hotlinking.
-Please keep comments and userpics G-rated
27 06 11 (UTC)
20 makes me giggle. Never go against a Pevensie, you end up looking like an idiot if you do.
27 06 11 (UTC)
lol. so true. especially if that Pevensie is Edmund. ^^
30 06 11 (UTC)
Your LotR and Narnia ones are unbelievable! : o I haven't seen this many stunning icons in one place for ages, really! *big claps*
30 06 11 (UTC)
wow! thanks! *^^*
04 07 11 (UTC)
Again, thank you so much for these lovely icons! Every time I come back to them I have a new favorite.

Also, I give blanket permission for people to use these. Everyone should enjoy them!
04 07 11 (UTC)
you're very welcome! ^^ I'm glad you liked them!
04 07 11 (UTC)
Pretty! Sylleptic sent me, and I am now staring happily at your used of light.
04 07 11 (UTC)
Thanks! ^^
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