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a new dream
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haven't posted an icon post in like forever... ^^" and I'm waaaaay out of practice. But here are my Edmund Pevensie icons for narniaseven's 10 in 20 icontest. ;)


no need to say goodbye...Collapse )
20 01 15 - Wallpapers!
I've been in the wallpaper-making mood lately. School has been pretty calm so far...nothing due yet ^^"

Hobbit (1980x800)

Narnia (1280x800)

Detective Conan, LOTR, Yuna Kim (all 1980x800 except the last one which is 1280x800)
I seem to remember someone requesting santa hat textures a while back...could be my imagination ^^" But I made some! *^^* Hope everyone is having a lovely holiday and will have a Merry Christmas! :D

^click to download^
Detective Conan
Survived my week of finals! Glad it's finaly Christmas break. ^_^ So much I want to finish before I go back to school in like 2 weeks (I feel like breaks just get shorter and shorter OTL).  Hoping to make lots of graphics while I have time. :D I've started working on some Hobbit wallpapers and am thinking about making some more. Any requests for wallpapers from the Hobbit or someting else?
16 09 14 - quick update
hi...it's been awhile... ^^" RL and school have been almost overwhelming so I haven't had much time to work on graphics or my paperdoll. I'm hoping to post Elizabeth's assembly ball dress from the 1995 version soon. (Just finished the dress! *^^* finally...). For my web design class, I have to create a wordpress.com site to practice on at home...and since I have nothing interesting say...I decided to make a graphics resource website (so I can feel like graphic making is prodcutive work....^^") and I'll be posting most of my stuff there for the time being.

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